A NodeJS mongoose Schema Example

Introduction In this tutorial we hope to show a NodeJS with mongoose schema example as a starting point for developers setting up this type of architecture. MongoDB is one of the most popular NoSQL databases around. It is fairly easy to use and understand when compared with SQL databases. But it is a schemaless database. … Continued

How to use Node JS and mongodb to Query Count

Introduction In this article we’ll be covering how to find the number of documents of a MongoDB collection. Specifically we will be using Node JS and MongoDB to query the count of a collection. There can be multiple MongoDB databases. Each database can contain several collections and each of these collections can contain hundreds of … Continued

$all in mongoose

Introduction Arrays are one of the most commonly used data structures in the programming world. They are perfect to store elements of the same data types. We can store any type of data in arrays. While working with databases, we may need to store data in an array. For example, the following MongoDB documents contain … Continued

How to use mongoose with Node

Introduction Node.js and MongoDB are part of MEAN and MERN stack. The pair is heavily used while building backends for web applications. MongoDB is a NoSQL database and it is quite popular for its simplicity. It is very simple to install and implement. With Node.js, we can easily perform various operations on MongoDB databases. These … Continued

Easy to follow mongoose example with NodeJS

Introduction In this article, we will discuss an easy to following mongoose example with NodeJS. We will create four API endpoints in NodeJS and mongoose, each of them performing certain CRUD operations on a MongoDB database. Setup connection So let’s start by setting up a server and a connection with the MongoDB database. 123456789101112131415161718var mongoose … Continued

Simple mongoose and node js Example

In this article, we will create a simple mongoose and Node Js example with step by step instructions. Please review the prerequisites below. Prerequisites – NodeJs and MongoDB installed. Knowledge of javascript. Nodemon installed. So let’s start. Install express with npm First of all, we need a package.json file to start with. Create a new … Continued

Create a Node App with CockroachDB

Introduction This tutorial will explain how to create a simple node app with a CockroachDB cluster. Node.js is an open source program written in JavaScript designed for writing scalable internet applications. It is used for developing networking and server-side applications and can be run on Mac, Linux and Windows machines. Prerequisites CockroachDB must be installed … Continued

NodeJs Express PostgreSQL Tutorial (Part 1)

NodeJs Express PostgreSQL tutorial introduction This is part one of a NodeJs express PostgreSQL tutorial series explaining how to create a web application for Postgres. The NodeJs express web application is a simple framework that allows for the easy creation of mobile and web applications using just a few lines of code. The goal of … Continued

Simple Chat App using NodeJS and MongoDB Atlas Part 4

Introduction This lesson is Part 4 of the multiple-series tutorial, “Simple Chat App using NodeJS and MongoDB Atlas.” In Part 3, you learned how to code the server.js for the backend. Today’s lesson focuses on coding the index.html for the frontend. Let’s continue to use Node and MongoDB Atlas, the fully managed cloud database, to … Continued

The PostgreSQL Schema in NodeJs

Introduction the PostgreSQL schema in NodeJs An SQL schema works like a blueprint, mapping the structure of a database table. SQL schemas help keep data organized, structured and predictable and are useful for maintaining data integrity. Various permissions can also be applied to SQL schemas. This tutorial will explain how to use Node’s pg client … Continued

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