Build an Application in NodeJS, Express and MongoDB – Part 2

Introduction This article is the second in our two-part series explaining how to build an application using NodeJS, Express and MongoDB. In our first article, we reviewed some of the essential steps needed to get started in the project: installing, setting up and configuring everything you’ll need. We also reviewed some important code used in … Continued

Build an Application in NodeJS Express and MongoDB – Part 1

Introduction If you’re building applications using NodeJS and the Express framework, you may want to interact with a MongoDB database from your code. Fortunately, this task is easy to accomplish using the Mongoose package for Javascript. In this first article of our two-part series, we’ll show you how to create an application using NodeJS, Express … Continued

The mongoose model

Introduction MongoDB is referred to as a schemaless database, meaning the number and type of columns do not need to be specified before inserting data. However, because it is schema free, MongoDB does not provide support for creating schemas, validation or abstraction. Mongoose is an Object Modeling Library, or ODM, that supports the methods and … Continued

mongoose Tutorial

Introduction Mongoose is an Object Modeling Library(ODM). It is heavily used with nodejs when MongoDB is there. One main advantage is that it provides abstraction. MongoDB is schema-less but with mongoose, the developers can define a schema. It overcame the one main problem. Moreover, MongoDB methods can easily be used in mongoose. Another important feature … Continued

Node Js MongoDB Multiple Queries

Introduction This article is about how with Node JS and MongoDB to do multiple queries by combining query arguments into the find() method. Query in MongoDB is the part that is used to match documents in a collection. Sometimes, we do not need to perform an operation on all the documents, we only need some … Continued

How to use the mongoose update query in NodeJS

Introduction Out of all the CRUD operations, the Update operation should be handled with utmost care. There could be hundreds of records in a database. One mistake and you end up updating a wrong record. This can lead to further problems. So the most important part of an Update operation is where we match the … Continued

NodeJS and Redis Example

Introduction If you’re developing an application using NodeJS, you may want to harness the power of a Redis data store for your app. Fortunately, it’s easy to integrate Redis into your NodeJS apps. In this article, we’ll look at a NodeJS and Redis example and see how a Redis key-value store can be used within … Continued

Node Js MongoDB Join Query

Introduction MongoDB is a NoSQL database and there are no joins in NoSQL. But MongoDB provides few ways to use joins. There are several joins in SQL but the most frequently used is the inner join. In this article, we will discuss how to perform an inner join operation in MongoDB. But first, we will … Continued

Node Js with MongoDB Query Examples for Developers

Introduction In this tutorial our hope is to demonstrate some basic query examples. Specifically we want to demo Node Js with MongoDB query examples that can be used as a starting point for understanding more complex queries. Let’s jump in! MongoDB provides several methods that can be used with collections. Almost each of these methods … Continued

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