How to Bulk Index Elasticsearch Documents From A JSON File Using Python

Introduction When you’re managing data in Elasticsearch, it’s important to know how to bulk index documents in an efficient manner. This article will explain how to bulk index Elasticsearch documents from a JSON file using Python. The Python script will index the data as Elasticsearch documents with the help of the Python client library and … Continued

Build A Stand-Alone Executable Elasticsearch Application Using Python

Introduction This article will explain how to build a stand-alone Elasticsearch query application using Python. The original Python code used for the app can be found in this ObjectRocket article explaining how to query Elasticsearch documents in a terminal window. Prerequisites 1curl -GET "localhost:9200" -v Building an executable Python script with PyInstaller Installing PyInstaller and … Continued

How to Build an Optical Character Recognition OCR App for an Elasticsearch Index using Python and Tesseract

Introduction to using Google’s Tesseract with Elasticsearch Python-Tesseract is an optical character recognition, or OCR, tool for Python designed to read text embedded in any image supported by the Leptonica and Pillow imaging libraries. This tutorial will explain how build an optical character recognition OCR Elasticsearch app with Python Tesseract software in Elasticsearch using the … Continued

Build An Elasticsearch Query GUI Application Using Kivy and Python (Part 1)

Introduction If you’re looking to create an Elasticsearch GUI app, using Kivy is a natural choice. The Kivy library is a cross-platform toolkit for developing applications with natural user interfaces using the Python programming language. When you use Kivy, you can deploy applications for all platforms including iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, and Windows. In this … Continued

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