JSON Overview and Tutorial 864

Introduction This JSON overview tutorial will provide examples on how to easily create JSON objects. JSON objects are designed to help package information so it is readable by both humans and computers. It can also serve as an exchange between browsers and servers as well as APIs between various programming languages. A JSON files use … Continued

How to Bulk Index Elasticsearch Documents From A JSON File Using Python

Introduction When you’re managing data in Elasticsearch, it’s important to know how to bulk index documents in an efficient manner. This article will explain how to bulk index Elasticsearch documents from a JSON file using Python. The Python script will index the data as Elasticsearch documents with the help of the Python client library and … Continued

How To Use Python’s JSON Library In Elasticsearch

Introduction If you’re working with Python and Elasticsearch, it’s important to make sure you’ve lined up all the tools you need to get the job done efficiently. One key tool is Python’s JSON library. This built-in JSON library seamlessly converts Python dict (dictionary) type objects into JSON strings and vice versa, making it easy to … Continued

How to use Python to Encode a JSON File into MongoDB BSON Documents

Introduction This tutorial will explain how to use Python to encode JSON files into MongoDB BSON documents using the BSON library. The library is useful for parsing JSON objects from files, strings, a Python dictionary or list and can also convert dictionaries and lists into JSON strings. As Python 2.7 has been deprecated, Python version … Continued

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