Create React App with MongoDB – Part 3 Building the Frontend

Part 3: Building the frontend The backend is ready, let’s build the frontend. Understanding the frontend So before we start writing code for the frontend part, we need to understand, what we are going to build. Our frontend part will contain a button. When clicked on this button, data the details collection will de display … Continued

Create React App with MongoDB – Part 2 Building the Backend

Part 2: Building the backend So we have everything ready. Let’s create the backend. Initiating Open the terminal and create a new folder using the following command. 1mkdir backend Change the current directory to the newly created one. 1cd backend We need the package.json file in this folder. Use the following command. 123456789101112131415npm init -y … Continued

Create React App with MongoDB – Part 1 Setting up the Project

Introduction There are various technologies, frameworks, and libraries available that can be used to create a web application. React is a popular library used for building user-interfaces. React is often combined with MongoDB that serves as the database. Along with Express and Node.js, This is stack for building web applications is known as the MERN … Continued

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