Java and Postgres Connection

Introduction Java Database Connectivity, or JDBC, is an API, or application programming interface, written for JAVA programming language. In order to enable a JAVA and Postgres connection, the JDBC driver must be used for a JAVA application to interact with the Postgres database. The JDBC driver both establishes a connection to the database and also … Continued

Delete MongoDB Document using Kotlin

Introduction MongoDB is a general-purpose distributed database designed to store data in JSON-like documents. Kotlin is a general-purpose programming language designed to fully interoperate with Java, but uses a type inference that permits its syntax to be much more succinct. Kotlin can handle operations that Java isn’t well suited to and can be successfully used … Continued

Update MongoDB Document using Kotlin

Introduction MongoDB is a general-purpose database that supports JavaScript functions and queries that can return particular fields of specific documents. Kotlin is a programming language designed to operate with Java, but using a much more succinct syntax that is able to handle operations where Java may not be best suited. Kotlin can be used for … Continued

How to Insert MongoDB Document using Spring Data Part 2

Introduction This is part two in a tutorial series explaining how to insert MongoDB document using Spring data. Part one of this series focused on how to configure a project using the online tool ‘Spring Initializr’ for creating a Spring project. Part one also covered managed Java classes that are handled by the application server … Continued

Java and PostgreSQL Web Application PART 2

Introduction If you’re a Java developer, you may find yourself wanting to build an application that interacts with a PostgreSQL database. This multi-part tutorial will explore this topic in detail, showing how to build a Java web application using the Eclipse IDE and several other technologies. In the first article of this series, we explained … Continued

Java and PostgreSQL Web Application PART 4

Introduction This tutorial is the fourth part in the series explaining how to create and configure the MVC controller class of the Java and PostgreSQL Web Application from scratch with ECLIPSE, Spring Data, Tomcat and other databases. MVC controllers are designed to respond to requests made to a ASP.NET MVC website where each browser request … Continued

Java and PostgreSQL Web Application PART 1

Introduction If you’e a Java developer working with PostgreSQL, there’s a good chance you’ll want to build a web application that interacts with your database. This multi-part series of articles will cover this topic in depth, showing you how to create a Java web application using the following technology. Eclipse IDE Tomcat Spring MVC Spring … Continued

How to Use Redisson a Redis Java Client Library on Java

Introduction Redis is an open source, data-structure store that can be used as a caching layer, database or messaging agent. Redis can resolve complex programming issues and reduce latency and coding time. Java is a programming language typically used to create application modules for web pages. This tutorial will cover how to use the Redis … Continued

How to Connect Redis on Java using Jedis

Introduction This tutorial will demonstrate how to connect Redis to Java with the Jedis client library for Java using Maven in Eclipse. Redis is an open-source data store that is used as a cache and database with builtin replication that supports data structures such as bitmaps, indexes, lists, sets, sorted sets and strings. Java is … Continued

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