How to Use the pg_query in PHP

Introduction When you want to store, modify, or retrieve data in your PostgreSQL database, pg_query in PHP can be quite useful. It’s fast because after you connect to the database, you’ll perform a few more simple actions. You can then instantly run your query. Test it out by following the steps in this tutorial about … Continued

Create a File in PHP and PostgreSQL to Update a Table

Introduction Updating information stored in tables is a common task DBAs perform to manage their PostgreSQL databases. It’s good to know that the PHP PostgreSQL UPDATE statement was designed to carry out such requests in the fastest way. For example, throughout your working day, you’ll need to make changes to a record’s column without disrupting … Continued

How to Create a Postgres Table in PHP

Introduction If you’re a developer working with PHP, you’ll find that PostgreSQL gives you plenty of options for managing your database from your scripts. You can add, update and delete records with just a few lines of code. However, to perform any of these operations, you first need a table in place. In this article, … Continued

Create a PostgreSQL Database Table in PHP

Introduction PostgreSQL gives developers many options for effectively managing database information. For example, with databases, you can add, retrieve, update, and delete data as needed. Without tables though, data is more difficult to decipher. Because tables help organize stored information in logical formations, creating tables using the PHP programming language comes in handy. In addition, … Continued

How to Delete BLOB in PostgreSQL using PHP

Introduction This tutorial will cover how to delete BLOB in PostgreSQL using PHP. BLOB is an acronym for “binary large object” used for storing various forms of binary data, such as a document or picture file. While PostgreSQL does not make use of the BLOB data type directly, the bytea data type can be used … Continued

How to Query a BLOB in PostgreSQL using PHP

Introduction In SQL, binary data can be stored in a database as a BLOB, or binary large object. A BLOB often takes the form of an audio file, an image or some other multimedia object. Although PostgreSQL doesn’t offer a specific BLOB data type, it’s still possible to store and query BLOB data. In this … Continued

How to INSERT BLOB in PostgreSQL using PHP

Introduction A binary large object (BLOB) is used for storing file contents. This is helpful for developers who want to use the PHP scripting language to add large object data and then save it within a PostgreSQL database. Flexibility is a revered characteristic of what’s special about PostgreSQL. Although it doesn’t have a BLOB data … Continued

What Is A PostgreSQL Cursor?

Introduction to Cursors in PostgreSQL If you’re writing code that interacts with PostgreSQL using Python or PHP, you’ll probably want to use cursors in your scripts. A PostgreSQL database cursor is a read-only pointer that allows a program, regardless of the language used, to access the result set of a query. This conserves the free … Continued

Connect to a PostgreSQL Database using PHP and pg_connect

Introduction Returning data in a variety of forms to meet your needs is what can happen when you run a connect PostgreSQL database PHP pgconnect. It’s all up to you. For example, specifically, you can return a PostgreSQL database table into a table in HTML form. Use the pgconnect PHP method to connect to your … Continued

How to use the PostgreSQL PDO Driver with PHP – Part 5

Introduction This is part five in the tutorial series explaining how to use PHP with the PostgreSQL PDO driver. Part four of this article covered how to retrieve rows from the tblemployee in the PostgreSQL testDatabase. This final part in the series will cover how to delete both a specific data row and all the … Continued

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