How to install the high-level .NET NEST client for Elasticsearch

Introduction Elasticsearch uses the .NET high-level client, ElasticClient in NEST to interpret a variety of conventions. Some of these include inferences for document IDs, property names, index names as well as conjunctures for creating Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) paths to indices and documents. Mapping to fields and JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) documents must occur before … Continued

How to install the low-level .NET client for Elasticsearch

Introduction The dependency-free low-level .NET client for Elasticsearch is ElasticLowLevelClient. It has a few conventions, mainly; it takes post data and uses it to send data. Just so that you know, the other .NET client is a high-level NEST client called ElasticClient. It’s used for mapping document IDs, naming properties, and index names, to name … Continued

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