How to Setup a NodeJS App with MongoDB using MongoJS

Introduction NoSQL databases and running your app’s backend with Javascript have both become increasingly popular. In this tutorial we will show you how to use NodeJS to connect with MongoDB using MongoJS to setup the backend for a simple web application. If you’re unfamiliar with these technologies, MongoDB is a NoSQL database technology and NodeJS … Continued

The MongoJS Cheat Sheet

Introduction If you’re looking to use a MongoDB database with your web application running on NodeJS you might be looking at which npm libraries which will allow you to easily interact with MongoDB. MongoJS and Mongoose are the two top choices for developers in this scenario. In this article we’ll give a quick cheat sheet … Continued

When to use MongoJS vs Mongoose

Introduction This article is for any users who are using or want to use Javascript to interact with a Mongo Database. If you’re running NodeJS and MongoDB together you’ll need to decide on a driver that will let you interact with Mongo from Javascript. The two most popular libraries for this are MongoJS and Mongoose … Continued

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