How to Install and Setup a MongoDB Server on macOS

Introduction MongoDB and macOS make a complementary duo. MongoDB is the perfect storage database for JSON documents. It offers scalability as well as flexibility for indexing and querying. Combine it with the power of macOS and you’ll unleash zooming productivity that will spoil you. Install MongoDB server macOS and there’s nothing stopping your search capabilities. … Continued

How to Install Elasticsearch on MacOS

Introduction A description about this service would not be complete without mentioning the assorted insights and useful tools that it is equipped with to make the tasks of the user simplified to a few clicks. The service can be customized to a dizzying number of different configurations to meet the exact needs of each user. … Continued

How To Install Kibana MacOS for Elasticsearch

Introduction Kibana is a user interface (UI) visualization tool that is meant to be used in conjunction with the Elasticsearch data productivity platform. It enables a clear display with which the user can easily comprehend and utilize the Elasticsearch service set of simplified add-ons for analytics management. It is capable of organizing the potential avalanche … Continued

How to Install the Elasticsearch PHP Client in Linux or MacOS

Introduction In the past, there were limited options for users who hoped for fast and powerful search functionality in a PHP website. Elasticsearch offers these users a real-time search solution; fortunately, Elastic also provides an easy-to-use, low-level PHP client for Elasticsearch. This client adheres closely to the REST API– all of its methods are similar … Continued

How to Install Logstash for Elasticsearch on MacOS

Introduction Logstash is an integral part of the ELK (Elastic, Logstash, Kibana) stack. While Elastic is the place where data is stored and retrieved from, Logstash is the tool responsible for structuring data and sending it to Elastic. The power of this open-source data pipeline is its ability to parse and transform data from many … Continued

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