How to install Kibana on Linux

How to install Kibana on Linux Introduction Kibana is an open source platform for data analytics and visualization that plays an integral role in the Elastic stack. Once data is stored in Elastic, Kibana’s intuitive browser-based interface can be used to view, search, and interact with it. In addition to its advanced data-analysis capabilities, Kibana … Continued

How to Install the Elasticsearch PHP Client in Linux or MacOS

Introduction In the past, there were limited options for users who hoped for fast and powerful search functionality in a PHP website. Elasticsearch offers these users a real-time search solution; fortunately, Elastic also provides an easy-to-use, low-level PHP client for Elasticsearch. This client adheres closely to the REST API– all of its methods are similar … Continued

Guide How To Install Logstash For Elasticsearch On Linux

Introduction Elastic has enabled their archive and retrieve service with some handy tools. One of these is called Logstash, and it is a customizable configuration tool. It equips the user with the ability to specifically designate targets and actions within the system for the engine. These, in turn, are preset to be monitored and/or retrieved … Continued

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