How To Construct Elasticsearch Queries From A String Using Golang

Introduction If you need to get Elasticseearch documents via a Golang script, the queries you construct will be the most important part of your code. You’ll need to know how to construct and format these queries in order to search for documents with the go-elasticsearch driver. In this article, we’ll show how you can use … Continued

How To Get Elasticsearch Documents Using Golang

Introduction If you’re a Golang developer working with Elasticsearch, you’ll probably want to query and access some of your Elasticsearch data via a Go script. Fortunately, the go-elasticsearch driver makes this task a quick and simple one– all it takes is some simple Golang code to execute a query and process the results. In this … Continued

How To Insert Elasticsearch Documents Into An Index Using Golang

Introduction If you’re storing data in Elasticsearch, you may want to use a Golang script to perform operations such as inserting, updating and deleting documents. Fortunately, it’s easy to execute Elasticsearch operations from Golang with the help of the go-elasticsearch Golang driver. In this article, we’ll provide step-by-step instructions on using the go-elasticsearch driver to … Continued

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