Using the Postgres BETWEEN SQL Operator

Introduction When you query a database, there are times when you might want to limit your results to a certain range of values. In PostgreSQL, it’s easy to accomplish this task with the help of the BETWEEN operator. This article will explain the advantages of this operator and provide examples of using Postgres BETWEEN in … Continued

Why use Postgres ABS function in SQL

Introduction In this article, we will talk the PostgreSQL ABS function from three perspectives, including: – What? From a high level, what does the ABS function do? – Why? In what circumstances do we need a function like this? – How? How do we use this function in our SQL? What is the ABS function? … Continued

SQL to MongoDB Chart Mapping

Introduction If you’re used to working with relational databases that store data in rows, you’ve probably developed some solid SQL skills. Switching to a NoSQL database like MongoDB, which stores data in collections, may seem intimidating. Don’t fear– most common SQL terms and queries can be easily translated to MongoDB. In this article, we’ll present … Continued

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