How to fetch Postgres in PHP

Introduction The tutorial will explain how to fetch Postgres in PHP via the PHP Data Objects API. The PHP PDO is a lightweight interface used to access databases in PHP and establishes a uniform application programming interface, or API, to interact with various database systems. One of its many functions is to allow for the … Continued

How to Delete Postgres in PHP

Introduction The PHP PDO API is actually three separate acronyms that stand for hypertext preprocessor data objects application programming interface. While that certainly is a mouthful, the PHP PDO API function is easiest explained as an application that interacts with object relational database management systems. One of its functions is the updating of information on … Continued

How to update Postgres in PHP

Introduction Updating data in Postgres using PHP is an easy task when you use the Postgres PDO_PGSQL driver. Find out more with this tutorial that illustrates how to successfully update Postgres PHP. You can connect to your Postgres database and update a table in just a few steps. Prerequisite Install and configure the following for … Continued

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