How To Create An Elasticsearch Index Using The Olivere Driver In Golang

Introduction The Olivere driver in the Go language (Golang) is excellent for quickly building simple or sophisticated queries for your Elasticsearch index. Basic queries are easy to do, but the Olivere driver also has the capability to deliver accurate results when you create highly complex queries. It’s great that connecting the Olivere driver to Elasticsearch … Continued

How To Get An Elasticsearch Cluster’s Health And Stats In Golang

Introduction This tutorial will cover how to use the Olivere driver to obtain an Elasticsearch cluster health stats with Golang. A widely utilized third-party driver, the Olivere driver supports multiple versions of Elasticsearch. The default port for Elasticsearch is 9200, however, this can be configured in the cluster’s elasticsearch.yml file if and as needed. Prerequisites … Continued

Connect Elasticsearch Golang with Olivere Driver

Introduction The Olivere’s Elastic package library is a very popular third-party driver for Elasticsearch. This tutorial will explain how to install the Olivere Driver in Golang on a server’s $GOPATH and how to use it to connect to Elasticsearch. The Oliver driver supports multiple versions of Elasticsearch and this tutorial will also cover how to … Continued

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