How to Perform Indexing in MongoDB using Java

Introduction If you want MongoDB to process queries as efficiently as possible, it’s important to make good use of indexes. Indexes support the efficient execution of queries. They help MongoDB limit the number of documents it must inspect to complete a query. Without the help of indexes, MongoDB would have to scan each and every … Continued

How to Limit Delete to a MongoDB Collection using Java

Introduction If you’re working with data in MongoDB, there will be times when you need to delete documents, but you want to limit that deletion to documents that meet specific criteria. Deleting documents is a permanent operation, so you need to make sure you know how to proceed. Fortunately, it’s easy to accomplish a limited … Continued

How to Use MongoDB Comparison Query Operators in Java

Introduction When you query a database, there are times when you need to use comparison operators to express the conditions of the query. You might want a list of all students whose age is greater than 16, or you might want the database to return all cars where the model year equals 2019. Queries like … Continued

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