Connecting Kotlin and MongoDB

Introduction If you’re working with the Kotlin programming language and you want your apps to interact with a MongoDB database, you’ll need to create the right connections between these two technologies. Fortunately, it only requires a few simple steps to accomplish this task. In this article, we’ll walk you through the process of connecting Kotlin … Continued

How to Insert a MongoDB Document using Kotlin

Introduction If you’re using the Kotlin programming language to build apps, you may want your applications to have the ability to insert documents into MongoDB. Fortunately, that task is a simple one to accomplish. In this tutorial, we’ll provide instructions and code examples to show you how to insert a MongoDB document using Kotlin. Prerequisite … Continued

Delete MongoDB Document using Kotlin

Introduction MongoDB is a general-purpose distributed database designed to store data in JSON-like documents. Kotlin is a general-purpose programming language designed to fully interoperate with Java, but uses a type inference that permits its syntax to be much more succinct. Kotlin can handle operations that Java isn’t well suited to and can be successfully used … Continued

Retrieve MongoDB Document using Kotlin

Introduction MongoDB is a powerful, popular and sometimes challenging database that can be used with various programming languages. Kotlin is a multipurpose programming language that can be used to create applications for both android and iOS systems and offers additional features not found in JavaScript. This tutorial will explain how to retrieve a MongoDB document … Continued

Update MongoDB Document using Kotlin

Introduction MongoDB is a general-purpose database that supports JavaScript functions and queries that can return particular fields of specific documents. Kotlin is a programming language designed to operate with Java, but using a much more succinct syntax that is able to handle operations where Java may not be best suited. Kotlin can be used for … Continued

Connect Kotlin to MongoDB

Introduction If you’re developing apps with the Kotlin programming language, you may want your applications to interact with MongoDB. Fortunately, it’s easy to set up a Kotlin project and write the code needed to create a MongoDB connection. In this article, we’ll show you how to connect Kotlin to a MongoDB server. Prerequisite Before we … Continued

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