Install Hadoop with Spark and the Scala Programming Language

Introduction to Hadoop, Spark, and Scala The open-source Apache Hadoop framework is used to process huge datasets across cluster nodes. Its distributed file system called HDFS is at the heart of Hadoop. Because Hadoop is Java-built, it seamlessly harmonizes with simplistic programming models and this results in providing a vast amount of scaling capabilities. Apache … Continued

Spark vs MapReduce

Introduction The Spark framework and MapReduce architecture are both used by the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) to process big data that has been broken down into multiple tasks that are spread out over several nodes in a cluster (also called “parallel processing”). This article will go over both frameworks, explaining the pros and cons … Continued

What is Hadoop MapReduce?

Introduction When you’re working with huge sets of data, you need the right tools for the job. One key tool that has transformed the way big data is processed is the Hadoop MapReduce framework. In this article, we’ll provide an overview of MapReduce and discuss the basic workflow for the framework. What is Hadoop MapReduce? … Continued

What is Hadoop Hive?

Introduction If you’re working with large sets of data in Hadoop, you’ll quickly learn that there are many technologies and tools associated with it that can help you harness the full power of the platform. One key tool that’s frequently used with Hadoop is Hive. Hive is an open-source data warehouse system used to summarize, … Continued

What is Hadoop HBase?

Introduction If you’re looking to combine the power of Hadoop with the flexibility and scalability of a NoSQL database, it’s time to get to know HBase. HBase is a distributed NoSQL database that can readily scale to handle massive quantities of sparse data; it can also combine data sources with a variety of schemas and … Continued

What is Hadoop Sqoop?

Introduction If you’re planning to store data in Hadoop, you may need to first move that data out of a relational database. While that migration process might sound like a daunting task, it’s actually quite simple to accomplish with the help of Sqoop, a tool built to transfer data from a relational database to Hadoop. … Continued

What is Hadoop HDFS?

Introduction When you’re working with very large sets of data, storage can be a real issue. While a relational database can be an adequate solution for more modest data sets, scalability and performance become serious problems when big data is involved. Fortunately, Hadoop comes with a storage solution that can tame even the largest of … Continued

Hadoop Use Cases

Introduction The Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) is a file system with an implementation based on Java. This translates into scalability, reliability, and efficiency in regards to computing distribution. HDFS is also open source. Hadoop’s popularity has soared due to its large tolerance to errors and highly compatible architecture that was made for inexpensive hardware. … Continued

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