Foreign Keys in CockroachDB

Introduction In this document we will learn to normalize with foreign keys in a CockroachDB database via one-to-many relationships. Before relational databases were put into use, we stored data similar to how you have seen in a spreadsheet, where you often have duplicate data like – say – customer names. Imagine a table called “tblOrders” … Continued

Foreign Keys in Postgres

Introduction In this tutorial we’ll study the purpose and use of foreign keys in Postgres. Prior to the advent of relational databases, data was stored pretty much as you see in spreadsheets, where duplicate data like names, for example, were common and even necessary. Before we talk about and show you how to use Postgres … Continued

Normalize Postgres Database with Foreign Keys

Introduction In this article we will learn to normalize a Postgres database with foreign keys (one-to-many relationships). Before relational databases were developed, we stored data much like you see in spreadsheets, where you typically have duplicate data like customer names for example. Imagine a table called “orders” that has a row for every order. If … Continued

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