Create a Simple Task Queue with Flask and Redis

Introduction When it comes to website performance, even a few seconds can be too long to keep your users waiting, especially if you want them to keep coming back to your website. Some tasks take longer to execute than others, and it can make sense to remove the lengthier ones from the typical HTTP request-and-response … Continued

Using Flask on a Raspberry Pi with MongoDB (Part 2)

Introduction This is part two of an article series on how to make a Flask and MongoDB web application, for development purposes, on a Raspberry Pi single board computer as a local web server for your backend data. In the last part we covered how to SSH into the Pi device, as well as install … Continued

Using Flask on a Raspberry Pi with MongoDB (Part 1)

Introduction In this article series, we’ll show you how to set up a Flask web app, written in Python, on a Raspberry Pi. Our app will be using MongoDB as its backend database. This first installment of the series will cover the initial setup and configuration needed for Flask, Raspberry Pi and MongoDB. By the … Continued

Flask AJAX Form for Postgres

Introduction Do you want to modernize your HTML data submission so your users can more easily submit data? All the cool apps are doing it. This article will show you how to create a Flask AJAX Form for Postgres. During this tutorial, we’ll touch on many different functionalities, the primary ones being HTML, JavaScript, JQuery, … Continued

Using Python Flask with Postgres

Introduction In this article, we will study using Python Flask with Postgres. We’ll first learn what Flask is and how it came to be. Next, we’ll study how to use three distinct Flask functionalities (there are more). Here is a brief explanation of what these three Python Flask functions are, at a high level: Render_template: … Continued

How To Setup A MongoDB App Using The Flask Framework

Introduction This tutorial will explain how to use the Flask micro-framework to create a MongoDB restful API in Python using the flask_pymongo library. The Flask app for MongoDB serves as a lightweight wrapper for the PyMongo client driver needed for creating a python HTTP client for MongoDB. This Flask-PyMongo tutorial will provide examples for installing … Continued

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