mongoose Tutorial

Introduction Mongoose is an Object Modeling Library(ODM). It is heavily used with nodejs when MongoDB is there. One main advantage is that it provides abstraction. MongoDB is schema-less but with mongoose, the developers can define a schema. It overcame the one main problem. Moreover, MongoDB methods can easily be used in mongoose. Another important feature … Continued

Easy to follow mongoose example with NodeJS

Introduction In this article, we will discuss an easy to following mongoose example with NodeJS. We will create four API endpoints in NodeJS and mongoose, each of them performing certain CRUD operations on a MongoDB database. Setup connection So let’s start by setting up a server and a connection with the MongoDB database. 123456789101112131415161718var mongoose … Continued

How to use express with mongoose

Introduction Express is an important part of web application development stacks such as MEAN and MERN stack. Developing web applications is not an easy task. Backend is an important part of every web application. The backend is the connectivity to databases and it also holds APIs that interact with the databases. One important part of … Continued

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