How to Insert MongoDB Document using Spring Data Part 1

Introduction This is part one of a tutorial series that will provide a step-by-step explanation on how to set up a Spring project, insert MongoDB document using Spring data and integrate it with a MongoDB database on its back-end. ECLIPSE IDE as well as Postman, a powerful HTTP client used for testing, developing and documenting … Continued

How to Save MongoDB Documents using Spring Data Part 2

Introduction This is part two in the tutorial series explaining how to save MongoDB documents using Spring data. Directions were provided in part one of the series on how to configure a spring boot project with the online tool ‘Spring Initializr’ and import it as a Maven project. Part one also created Java classes for … Continued

Connecting Java JDBC driver to CockroachDB using Maven in Eclipse IDE

Introduction CockroachDB, a Structured Query Language (SQL) database, gives your applications the fastest response times whether they are small, medium, or large scale. When you create a Maven project using the Eclipse IDE UI and incorporate a Cockroach DB database, you harness the benefits of three applications. After that, when you take advantage of the … Continued

How to Retrieve MongoDB Document in Eclipse IDE Using Java

Introduction This tutorial will show users how to create a query for retrieving MongoDB documents in Eclipse using Java. Before beginning, the MongoDB and a compatible version of the MongoDB Java driver must be properly installed and configured. The latest versions of both Java JDK and Eclipse IDE should be used to achieve the best … Continued

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