Set up a Docker and Django Postgres Environment (Part 2)

Introduction This article is the second installment of our tutorial series describing how to set up a Docker and Django Postgres environment. Our goal is to create a Docker container that runs a Django web application and uses PostgreSQL for the application database. In the first article, we created a Django project folder inside of … Continued

Setup a Docker and Django Postgres Environment (Part 1)

Introduction This is part one in a tutorial series explaining how to use Docker and Django Postgres in a web application. Django is an open-source, full-stack web framework written in Python programming language. It is designed to promote clean and practical design, fast development and provides support for several popular databases, including PostgreSQL. Docker uses … Continued

The Django Tutorial and PostgreSQL database

Introduction Django is a fast, high level developmental framework that allows for developing a web application in Python with a lot less hassle than some other frameworks. While Django automatically stores data in a SQLite database, this Django tutorial for postgresql will explain how to store data in Python with the Django framework using the … Continued

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