Normalize Postgres Database with Foreign Keys

Introduction In this article we will learn to normalize a Postgres database with foreign keys (one-to-many relationships). Before relational databases were developed, we stored data much like you see in spreadsheets, where you typically have duplicate data like customer names for example. Imagine a table called “orders” that has a row for every order. If … Continued

Postgresql Naming Conventions

​ Introduction ​ In this article, we will explore the benefits to a PostgreSQL database designer and Python (or really any other language) coder of using naming conventions, and how to best use them. We’ll study some examples to clearly show the practical importance of using naming conventions in both database design and writing code. … Continued

The CAP Theorem for Distributed Database Systems

Introduction There’s a well known computer science theorem proposed by Eric Brewer that says for a database with distributed data you can only promise two out of the following three qualities: Consistency Availability Partition tolerance This is very abstract and the terminology is not exactly intuitive so in this article we’ll do our best to … Continued

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