Pathfinding in Python and Cockroach

Introduction Welcome to the fifth part of a multi-article tutorials on building a retro video game. In this part we learn how to calculate pathfinding in Python and Cockroach, which we use to store and retrieve various kinds of game-related data. In this part, we focus on initializing enemy Sprites with PNG images and using … Continued

GUI in Python and Cockroach

Introduction Welcome to the beginning of a multi-article tutorial on building a 2D arcade-style video game. In this game, the player is represented by a monkey in a zombie-infested world. Zombies chase the player. The user can move the monkey around the screen with either the arrow keys (cursor control keys) and/or pressing “A” for … Continued

Create a Node App with CockroachDB

Introduction This tutorial will explain how to create a simple node app with a CockroachDB cluster. Node.js is an open source program written in JavaScript designed for writing scalable internet applications. It is used for developing networking and server-side applications and can be run on Mac, Linux and Windows machines. Prerequisites CockroachDB must be installed … Continued

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