Postgres Backup and Restore with Python

Introduction Do you want to automate Postgres backup and restore with Python? We’ll build a Python application for backing up and restoring your Postgres schema and/or data as an exercise, as well as to help you get your application built using some of Python’s and Postgres’ most popular tools. Along the way you will learn … Continued

Restore Postgres Backup

Introduction In this tutorial we learn how to restore a Postgres backup, whether the backup is of schemas, roles, or data. We’ll look at the command line utility called pg_restore and the web interface method provided by PGadmin to restore PostgreSQL databases, whether you want to backup only the schema, only the data, or both. … Continued

Backup Postgres

Introduction In this tutorial we’ll learn how to backup Postgres schemas, roles, and data using pg_dump and pg_dumpall utilities. We’ll look at how these commands are used via command line and we’ll go over how to use the web interface provided by pgAdmin to backup your PostgreSQL databases, whether you want to backup only the … Continued

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