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CockroachDB is an open-source distributed Structured Query Language (SQL) database that offers you many benefits. Matter of fact, many companies have already made the switch CockroachDB. Its state-of-the-art technology is attractive to businesses of all sizes and draws them in. Once there, CockroachDB’s flexibility and extensive features for database management encourages them to stay. Let’s go ahead and explore some of the benefits of switching to CockroachDB now.

Benefits to Changing Over to CockroachDB

  • Scales horizontally, very quickly, and easily. The scaling capability of CockroachDB is unique in that it has this specialized built-in functionality. Other open-source databases are missing an automatic scaling feature. Although CockroachDB is an SQL database, it’s scaling is considered non-SQL-ish. That good trait makes CockroachDB stand out among the rest.

  • It’s quick to recover. The resiliency of CockroachDB is tough to beat. It bounces back from machine, rack, database failures fast with minimal disruption or downtime. Plus, there’s no need to manually step in and assist it in recovery.

  • Has an easy-to-understand UI. The look of CockroachDB is one of which you may be already accustomed. You’ll find it easy to manipulate, query, and structure data with its familiar-looking SQL API.

  • Dependable ACID transactions support. Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability (ACID) guarantees the validity of database transactions. For example, in the case of bank transactions of crediting, debiting accounts and the like, once they are committed, system breakdowns won’t affect recordings. This means CockroachDB supports ACID transactions in a reliable way.

  • Available, accurate, and fast. CockroachDB responds in less than a second. Scaling isn’t affected as it rebalances and replicates in situations such as deployments of multi-data centers or multi-regions, cloud migrations and infrastructure action plans.

  • Easy synchronization between nodes. Nodes that you set up in different countries can be comprised of a single cluster across services in the cloud.

  • Across node data replication. You can share nodes across regions too. When you read and write files, you won’t have to worry about how long it’s going to take for CockroachDB to return the data. It intuitively finds the fastest path to the correct node that has the data you need.

  • Works with a variety of tech stacks. Keep your tech stacks because CockroachDB is likely to be compatible with it. Use LAMP, MERN, or MEAN and various platforms such as Java, Node.js, Ruby, Python, and servers like Nginx and Apache.

  • Admin panel is comprehensive, yet offers a simple UI. The admin panel is packed with ways to show you useful information. View metrics on cluster health including how many seconds it takes to return data when queried. Additionally, view other important metrics on hardware, SQL performance, runtime, storage utilization. The details on nodes, database, statements, and replication, changefeeds are available as well.

  • Simple to Install. ObjectRocket will spin up a development environment instantly and help you get to production when the time is right.

Companies That Should Make the Switch CockroachDB

Many companies have discovered the benefits of migrating to CockroachDB. Here are a few examples of the types of situations where businesses have found CockroachDB extremely suitable.

  • Businesses that need global scaling. If your company serves customers globally, you need to be able to scale that way as well. CockroachDB’s horizontal scaling makes it simple for companies to add capacity with nodes because it instinctively realizes that each of your customers in every region deserves the highest quality of service that your business can offer to them. What’s more, if you use databases such as MySQL, Postgres, or SQL Server, CockroachDB is highly scalable to meet your geographical expansion needs. After you scale, there’s no need to spend time rebalancing due to its automatic rebalancing–another built-in feature of this open-source database.

  • Companies that require cloud flexibility. CockroachDB works with many common platforms, so its cloud agnosticism is special enough and compatible enough. Whether you use Google Cloud Platform (GCP) or Amazon Web Services (AWS), CockroachDB rises to the harmonious occasion.

  • Firms that need to data replicate, and complete other database management tasks with ease. Data replication is uncomplicated. CockroachDB’s Replication Dashboard shows metric details across all nodes when you set it in node view. A cluster view of the ranges is also available so that you can analyze metrics from all angles.

  • Businesses that want to move from legacy SQL to newer technology. Your legacy SQL database will only take you so far. To remain competitive, you’ve got to play the game of business alongside similar industries and maybe surpass them with the right tools like CockroachDB. Growing your business should not be painful. With its no-hassle scaling ability with minimal downtime in repair, CockroachDB works hard to make business progression painless.


Switch CockroachDB. A key benefit is straightforward horizontal scaling across nodes. Both global or national-level-only businesses reap the rewards of scaling, automatic rebalancing, and a second or less response time. They are experiencing the latest technology in database management. They’ve seen first hand that data failures are not an issue because recovery is efficient. Since CockroachDB is designed to handle ACID transaction support, data is retained. CockroachDB is compatible with your preferred tech stacks. It mingles seamlessly with other platforms and languages. Make the switch to CockroachDB. When you open its familiar-looking UI, you’ll realize, it’s powerful but smooth. To get assistance with managing your database for any of your projects, reach out to our experts at ObjectRocket. Switch today.

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