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CockroachDB is an open-source project, developed by Cockroach Labs, that was inspired by and functions similarly to Google Spanner. The program is best described as a scalable and consistently-replicated, key-value transactional data-storage system. CockroachDB is designed to store copies of data files in multiple locations to deliver increased access speeds. CockroachDB scales horizontally, offers a familiar SQL API for configuring, querying and manipulating data and is designed to survive disk, rack and even data center failures. The program is available in two versions, a “Community” and “Enterprise” edition, and here is a basic breakdown of when you should use CockroachDB Community vs Enterprise Edition:

When to Use the Community Edition

  • For getting up to speed. The CockroachDB Community Edition should be used to learn how the various features in CockroachDB work. While there are a number of more advanced features that are only available in the Enterprise Edition, the Community Edition will help users learn the basic functions of the CockroachDB program.

  • When there is a need to ramp up existing technology. The CockroachDB Community Edition is a great way for those who are inexperienced with the program to get their feet wet with some hands-on experience, acquiring the basic skills, before upgrading to the Enterprise Edition.

  • For learning to configure a cluster of nodes. Using the CockroachDB Community Edition will allow users to more easily become familiar with how to configure a cluster of nodes. As the community edition has the built-in replication and elastic scaling, users will be able to become familiar with how and when nodes are added or removed. This provides users with thorough understanding how CockroachDB can expand or shrink to match the workload.

  • To learn how to import and access data. CockroachDB Community Edition allows users to more easily learn how to import their data from CSV, MySQL, or PostgreSQL. You can become familiar with the ways of accessing the needed data within the administration panel. CockroachDB was built specifically to make scaling a SQL database easy. However, many of the features that allow these functions are only available with the Enterprise edition.

  • CockroachDB was built specifically to make scaling a SQL database easy. However, many of the features that allow these functions are only available with the Enterprise edition such as multi-region use

  • For experimenting with replication and scaling. While the Community Edition does permit experimentation with replication and scaling, it does not allow users to go beyond a single region.

  • For large companies looking to try out a new solution. CockroachDB has a lot of functionality that big business is finding attractive. The Community Edition is a great way for developers looking to get a head start in learning how this ground-breaking technology can help their business grow.

When to Use the Enterprise Edition

  • For business purposes that require scaling beyond a single region. As the name implies, the CockroachDB Enterprise Edition is designed for production applications that must handle large amounts of data.

  • When users need to define table partitions. CockroachDB Enterprise Edition permits users to define table partitions, thus allowing row-level control of precisely where and how data will be stored. Partitioning also helps to reduced latencies, and therefore reduced costs, as well as helping users to meet data regulatory requirements.

  • When fully automated backup and restore options are needed. The Enterprise Edition allows users to create either incremental or full backups of their cluster as of a given timestamp. A restore feature allows cluster’s schemas and data to be restored from a backup, such as NFS, AWS S3, Google Cloud Storage or HTTP storage.

  • When businesses have customers in a wide-range of geographic regions. This is one area where the CockroachDB Enterprise Edition shines. When businesses have customers across a continent, or even globally, Enterprise can distribute data across servers that are located closer to their customers geographic region.

  • When Geo-partitioning is desired or needed. Geo-partitioning permits businesses to maintain user data closer to the actual user and also restricts users in other areas from accessing the data. For example, if an application uses separate data for different countries, like Brazil and the United States, only those in Brazil will be able to access the nodes in Brazil and only users in the United States will be able to access the nodes in the U.S. This also reduces the distance data has to travel, and will thereby reduce latency and improve user experience. Geo-partitioning is only available with the Enterprise Edition.

  • When moving from a legacy SQL database technology to the Cloud. For businesses that are wanting to move their data to Cloud storage, the Enterprise Edition is an invaluable addition to a business’s toolbox. Because it is cloud agnostic, the Enterprise Edition will provide businesses with an easy way of deploying to the cloud, whether they are using AWS or another cloud-based service.

  • When security mandates precise user access and control. As a security feature, only offered in the Enterprise Edition, role-based access provides for very precise and controlled permission for restricting access to a given database to only authorized users.

  • When a business needs answers fast! While the Community Edition of CockroachDB provides basic support, the Enterprise Edition offers priority customer support to get users the help they need when they need it.


CockroachDB Community Edition is essentially a lighter version of the CockroachDB program, a learning tool to get you up to speed for using the Enterprise Edition. The main differences between CockroachDB Community vs Enterprise Edition includes the Enterprise Edition offering Geo-partitioning, more control over data distribution and more secure database control. Another main difference between the Community and Enterprise Editions of CockroachDB is only the Enterprise Edition is intended for business purposes.

CockroachDB is poised to becoming a big player in the data-storage game. ObjectRocket offers a free 30-day trail license for the Enterprise Edition. If you are considering transitioning to CockroachDB, or if you have any questions about the CockroachDB Community vs Enterprise Edition, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at ObjectRocket.

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